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Navigation Light placement


Tricolor or Deck

The dilemma for sailboats and powerboats with masts is need to I have a tricolor light around the masthead or have separate port, starboard and stern lights mounted around the deck.
You can find advantages and disadvantages to both an individual mild and 3 individual lights. Some boats have equally using a sliding swap that allows you to opt for the tricolor or even the deck lights. This fashion if you would like the variety and visibility in waves utilize the tricolor and when you do have a issue along with the tricolor you could switch back. This redundancy is actually a protection situation.


Tricolor execs

Much better visibility
Greater vary
Just one mild to keep up
Tricolor Drawbacks

Reliability If a bulb goes or you use a wiring difficulty you might not manage to see
Maintenance to fix you may need to go up the mast

Post by vehiclewarninglights (2016-11-10 09:17)

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